What is Cogtrium?

By: Don Hughes

Cogtrium is a certified network of clinicians engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive disorders such as autism. Cognitive disorders have a profound impact on patients and their families. Patients are often frustrated with the availability of local treatment options.

Cogtrium consists of clinicians that have received board certification from IBCCES for their areas of expertise. Cogtrium is dedicated to creative and new ways of achieving service delivery efficiently, with lower cost and improved patient outcomes. Membership in Cogtrium provides access to the Emmdata telehealth platform. Our delivery platform goes beyond the traditional methods of service delivery and provides powerful methods to enhance the delivery of diagnostic and treatment options to patients.

A major difficulty for many patients with cognitive disorders is finding local providers that have the skill sets and expertise to provide diagnostic and treatment services. For example, in the area of autism early diagnosis and treatment can make a profound difference. School districts are required to provide diagnostic services as well as treatment and educational services for children with autism and other related disorders. In many districts, there are wait times of eight months and longer. A district under federal law and most state laws must provide these services but are often overwhelmed by the volume of need and the lack of available local services. These wait times can be devastating because diagnosis and treatment plan are prerequisites to children receiving educational services.

For many patients and their families, cost is also a major barrier to care. Through telehealth and other technological efficiencies, Cogtrium can lower the cost of care. In many situations collaboration is required between clinicians treating a patient with cognitive disorders. In addition to those with specialized clinical skills, others such as teachers, parents, and care givers play a significant role in treatment. This collaboration is enhanced and facilitated through the Cogtrium platform.

Cogtrium allows a clinician to extend their reach beyond the four walls of their office. It allows expansion beyond the limits of local geography.

In addition to receiving payment for services from the traditional insurance and institution payer sources, Cogtrium has developed a significant program for private pay network patients. Cogtrium is on the cutting edge of providing new telehealth technologies that increase access to care and reduce the cost of care while maintaining patient outcomes.  Cogtrium is a compelling choice for many patients exploring private pay networks.  Many patients can’t wait for the traditional health system to grind through denial of care processes when the wellbeing of their child is at stake.

Collaboration is a hall mark of the Cogtrium platform. Many physicians encounter patients where suspected cognitive disorders may be at work. For example, a pediatrician is trained to include autism screening at various stages of development. Cogtrium provides a significant collaboration tool for the physician to collaborate with certified therapists to provide the specialized diagnostic and treatment offerings while maintaining the role of primary care provider to the patient. Families facing the urgency of a cognitive disorder are often looking for quicker diagnosis as well as lower cost to get to better outcomes.

In the world of private pay networks, Cogtrium is a real option. Between the certification of the providers and the heavy use of telehealth, the primary barriers to care can be removed. Since the telehealth platform removes the overhead of brick and mortar offices and dramatically increases the efficiency of care delivery, prices can be lower.
Cogtrium is a joint venture between IBCCES and Emmdata. For further information please contact don@cogtrium.org