Telehealth – The Future of Healthcare?

The term “Telecommunication” often conjures up warm images of family members dialing into the phones or tablets of their loved ones. Grandparents who live miles away can see and speak to their grandchildren with ease. Military service members can tell their loved ones “Good Night,” despite the inherent complications deployment may bring. The need to connect is universal, and technology brings the ease of communication to everyone with an internet connection. The power of telecommunication was harvested into healthcare and telehealth emerged. Telepractice and Telehealth (often used interchangeably) has been in effect for years, but the magnitude of today’s technological advancements allows us to go beyond simple diagnostic consults to treatment and medical access all over the globe.

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What is Cogtrium?

By: Don Hughes

Cogtrium is a certified network of clinicians engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive disorders such as autism. Cognitive disorders have a profound impact on patients and their families. Patients are often frustrated with the availability of local treatment options.

Cogtrium consists of clinicians that have received board certification from IBCCES for their areas of expertise. Cogtrium is dedicated to creative and new ways of achieving service delivery efficiently, with lower cost and improved patient outcomes. Membership in Cogtrium provides access to the Emmdata telehealth platform. Our delivery platform goes beyond the traditional methods of service delivery and provides powerful methods to enhance the delivery of diagnostic and treatment options to patients. Read more »